Being Frank Cast & Crew (Everything You Need To Know About)

In the world of comedy, an excellent cast distinguishes a memorable film and a forgettable one. Speaking of which, “Being Frank Cast’ is no exception.

With a lineup of cast who bring their A-game to the screen (and behind the scenes), this film is a true comedy dream team.

So, let’s take a closer look at the incredible cast that brings this influential documentary to life.

Who Has Directed Being Frank?

“Being Frank” is directed and produced by Miranda Bailey, a talented filmmaker known for blending humor and heart in her projects. 

With a keen eye for authentic performances and engaging storytelling, Bailey delivers a delightful comedy. And this delivery further keeps audiences entertained from get-go. 

Being Frank Director
Source: SAGindie

While “Being Frank” may not have received major awards, Bailey’s work in the independent film community is well appreciated. In fact, some of her notable projects include “Swiss Army Man” and “The Diary of a Teenage Girl.” 

Additionally, Bailey’s work highlights unique storytelling and impactful performances. 

Moreover, with the help of “Being Frank,” Bailey adds another success to her directorial trajectory. The film’s theme of honesty and family secrets, which is perfectly underlined with humor, makes the documentary a delightful watch.

Who Has Written The Screenplay of Being Frank?

Glen Lakin is the screenplay writer of “Being Frank.” He is an exceptional storyteller with notable contributions to the critically acclaimed TV series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” 

Glen’s clever humor, which is composed of relatable themes, shines through in “Being Frank.” It captures the complexities of family dynamics and delivers heartfelt moments. 

With his impressive portfolio, Lakin’s screenplay adds depth and entertainment value to the film, cementing his position as the industry’s gifted screenwriter.

Who Is In The Production Team Of Being Frank?

Frank’s production team is led by Miranda Bailey and supported by Amanda Marshall, Aaron L. Gilbert, and Ted Rawlins. They contributed to the successful execution of the impactful documentary, which further resulted in the audience outpouring of love. 

Production Team Of Being Frank
Source: TV Guide

That being said, let’s go through them:-

1. Amanda Marshall (Producer)

Amanda Marshall is a seasoned producer who has worked on several notable films. She is especially valuable due to her way of managing both independent and collaborative projects.

Marshall’s involvement in “Being Frank” ensures the film benefits from her industry knowledge and dedication to quality storytelling.

2. Aaron L. Gilbert (Executive Producer)

Executive Producer Aaron L. Gilbert specializes in the financial aspect of the production team. Moreover, he is known for his involvement in acclaimed films, further elevating the overall production value. 

3. Ted Rawlins (Executive Producer)

Ted Rawlins, another executive producer on the film, is known for his contributions to independent cinema. With his keen eye for unique stories, Rawlins adds his expertise to “Being Frank,” ensuring the film’s perfect blend of comedic charm and engaging narrative.

Who Is The Star Cast Of Being Frank?

“Being Frank” is a comedy film released in 2019, directed by Miranda Bailey. The star-studded cast for the same is as mentioned below:-

Star Cast Of Being Frank
Source: IMDb

1. Jim Gaffigan

Known for his hilarious stand-up comedy, Jim Gaffigan brings his signature wit and charm to the role of Frank. He is a seemingly ordinary family man harboring a double life.

2. Logan Miller

With his boyish charm and impeccable comedic timing, Logan Miller plays Philip, Frank’s teenage son. He accidentally discovers his father’s secret and becomes entangled in his web of lies.

3. Samantha Mathis

As Bonnie, Frank’s wife, Samantha Mathis, effortlessly balances humor and heart. And all because she needs to navigate the complexities of her husband’s hidden life while trying to keep their family together.

4. Alex Karpovsky

Alex Karpovsky plays the quirky character of Kevin. He injects the film with offbeat humor yet provides an unexpected twist to Frank’s secret life.

5. Anna Gunn

Known for her role as Skyler White in the acclaimed TV series “Breaking Bad,” Anna Gunn portrays Laura. She is Frank’s colleague and love interest, adding a touch of romance and complications to the storyline.

6. Danielle Campbell

With her youthful energy and charm, Danielle Campbell plays Allison, Philip’s crush. Her character stirs a teenage drama, injecting the film with youthful exuberance.

7. Isabelle Phillips

As Frank’s daughter, Lib, Isabelle Phillips brings innocence and curiosity to her role. Which further provides a fresh perspective on the family’s dynamics and secrets.

8. Samantha Hyde

Portraying the character of Kelly, Samantha Hyde brings comedic flair as Frank’s oblivious mistress. Moreover, it creates hilariously awkward situations that add to the film’s comedic moments.

9. Gage Polchlopek

Playing the role of Timmy, Gage Polchlopek adds a youthful and mischievous energy to the film as Philip’s best friend. In fact, he too often gets caught up in Frank’s web of lies.

10. Emjay Anthony

Known for his role in “Chef,” Emjay Anthony portrays Eddie. She is another of Philip’s friends, bringing a lighthearted and supportive presence to the teenage group dynamic.

11. Gunnar Willis

As Steve, Gunnar Willis delivers comedic timing and quirkiness, serving as an accomplice to Frank’s secret life and providing comedic relief throughout the film.

12. Isabelle McNally

Portraying the character of Kelly’s friend, Rachel, Isabelle McNally adds a touch of glamour and comedic flair. Additionally, she brings her own brand of humor to the story.

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The Final Verdict: Being Frank Cast & Crew

Being Frank Cast includes outstanding artists, such as Jim Gaffigan, Logan Miller, Samantha Mathis, etc. Their performances, along with the exceptional supporting actors, form an unbeatable comedy dream team. 

However, the credit for the unforgettable cinematic experience of “Being Frank” goes to our lovely director, Miranda Bailey. In fact, she deserves all the applause in the world for executing the piece of content. 


Is Jim Gaffigan as funny in “Being Frank” as he is in his stand-up comedy?

Absolutely! Jim Gaffigan brings his comedic brilliance to the character of Frank.
Moreover, with his signature wit and charm, Gaffigan keeps the laughs coming, ensuring that his hilarious performance throughout the film will entertain audiences.

Are there any standout performances from the supporting cast in “Being Frank”? 

Anna Gunn impresses as Frank’s love interest, while Isabelle Phillips shines as his daughter, adding depth and innocence to the film.

Is Logan Miller primarily known for his comedic roles?

While Logan Miller has showcased his comedic talents in films like “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse,” he has also demonstrated his versatility as an actor in various other genres. 

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